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Links for 4th grade students and teachers.
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Multiple Subject

BrainPOP Freckle MobyMax
Enchanted Learning
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Scholastic News Sheppard Software

English Language Arts

Lexia Accelerated Reader
Grammar Blast New Dictionary Site Word Central Games
Activities for Dear Mr. Henshaw Island of the Blue Dolphins
Dear Mr. Henshaw Jeopardy


Reflex SoftSchools.com – Math Grade 4 Math Online Learning Center
Bridges 4th grade Math Activities
Bridges – September Bridges – December Bridges – March
Bridges – October Bridges – January Bridges – April
Bridges – November Bridges – February Bridges – May
Bridges – Module 1 Activities

Social Studies

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The Oregon Trail Deluxe (1992)
California Regions
K5 California Regions Research Resources
Age of Exploration The Age of Discovery – The Mariner’s Museum Explorers 2
Enchanted Learning
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Explorers 4
California Missions
California Mission Foundation California Missions Resource Center La Purisima Mission Photo Gallery
What was life like for the Indian
children living at the mission?
Multimedia Biographies
California Gold Rush
PBS Kids: Gold Rush Social Studies for Kids –
The California Gold Rush
Gold Rush Sacramento Bee
Gold Rush California Natural Resources By the Great Horn Spoon
California State Symbols
Netstate California State Symbols and Emblems California State Library – State Symbols
Native Americans
1. Native American Cultures
Click on your tribe’s link, then click on your
Tribe’s Facts for Kids link on the next page
2. California Indians 3. Native Americans


The Scale of the Universe Interactive BBC Schools’ Science Clips for Kids
Biological Science (plants, animals, etc.) Nutrition
Nature Serve Explorer:
An Online Encyclopedia of Life
Food Chain ChooseMyPlate.gov –
MyPlate Kids’ Place
Endangered Species Websites
Planet OZ Kids Endangered Animals Endangered Earth W.E.S. Endangered Species
Endangered Animal Printouts –
Enchanted Learning
ESPIECIES Animal Fact Sheets AMNH – Expedition: Endangered!