Kid-Safe Research! – Kellogg School

These web links support “kid-safe” information and image searches. Please note that Google searches may yield more choices, but they also can display inappropriate content, sponsored search results not marked as such, and employ tracking for purposes of data mining and targeted advertising. Instead, use the links below for safer elementary student friendly searching and research.

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New Research Sites
Encyclopedia Britannica
(for access from within Santa Barbara County)
(for access from within Santa Barbara County)
SBCEO Portal
(Links to the California Educational Databases are available on the SBCEO Portal home page)
General Research Sites
Kiddle Fact Monster Ducksters
Image Searching
Pics-4-Learning Library of Congress – Photo, Print, & Drawing Search
Animal or Nature Searches
National Geographic Kids Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Social Studies – History
History for Kids